Our mission is to inspire recovery from addiction
by providing quality services and support.
Throughout our 52 year history, we have grown to the largest non-profit residential treatment center in South Texas. We are licensed to serve males and females 18 and older who have a diagnosis of substance use disorder. Our peaceful and private haven is located on several acres in a former hotel renovated ideally for the personal care and services.


Charlie’s Place Recovery Center is committed to working with, encouraging, and developing those who have a passion to create a community where addiction is accepted as a treatable disease, services are readily accessible, lives are rebuilt, families are reunited and society is enriched by each individual achieving recovery. From direct care staff to licensed professionals, our team treats patients with the dignity and respect they deserve because we know the power of compassion in reaching success.

Careers at Charlie's Place
  • medical director
  • nursing staff
  • licensed counselors
  • licensed marriage and family counselor
  • licensed social worker
  • Certified recovery coaches
  • COSPD Caseworkers
Amy Rhoads Granberry

Amy Rhoads Granberry

Chief Executive Officer

Courtney Schroeder

Courtney Schroeder

Chief Operating Officer

Walter Roberts

Walter Roberts

Clinical Director

Paul Avila

Paul Avila


Deborah Ferguson

Deborah Ferguson

Admissions and Detox Program Manager

Patty Doty

Patty Doty

Recovery Support Services Program Manager

Linda National

Linda National

Residential Program Manager

Debra Townzen

Debra Townzen

Detox/Admissions Manager

Francisco Acebo

Francisco Acebo

Medical Director

Melissa Hill

Melissa Hill

Outpatient and COPSD Program Manager

Dena Quintero

Dena Quintero

Kitchen Manager

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors works to ensure oversight of the agency and assists with fundraising events. Our board members are devoted to the mission of Charlie’s Place and believe in giving back to the community through service. Board members are from all walks of life, including business owners, attorneys, business executives, doctors, and formerly homeless.

Executive Board:

  • Lenard Nelson – Past Chair
  • Billy Edwards– Chair
  • Amy Griffin – Vice Chair
  • Diane Lowrance – Secretary
  • Chris Nicosia – Treasurer
  • Greg Knupp – Appointee
  • Robert Muilenburg –Appointee

Board Members:

  • Deacon Bob Allen
  • Christopher Carroll
  • Tamara Cochran-May
  • Melissa Espitia
  • Mary Gonzalez
  • Jeffrey Kane
  • Mark Schauer
  • Henry Williams

History of Charlie’s Place

From humble beginnings in 1965 as the first “24 hour” club in Corpus Christi to a modern medical facility today, Charlie’s Place remains committed to our original mission of helping those who need help and have nowhere else to turn.

The agency moved from a single location on 13th street to North Country Club and finally to the corner of Interstate 37 and McBride, each time growing to accommodate more patients on a daily basis. We have treated almost 60,000 people in need, helping them find a new way to live and thrive. Over the years the name has changed, but the agency has always been “known” as Charlie’s Place.

In 2012, we officially changed our name to Charlie’s Place Recovery Center to honor our history and founder. We continue to provide services to those who cannot afford to pay; in addition, we are now available to serve the entire community as treatment services are very limited in Texas.

Charlie's Place historical photo

Charlie Acklen, Bob Beck, Hank Stence and Ben Cannon are recognized as the moving forces behind our early beginnings along with a number of other individuals interested in helping those seeking sobriety and recovery.

Charlie Acklen

Charlie was an amazing cook who had difficulty keeping a job. However, after being offered the responsibility of keeping peace and cooking in the original house, he thrived in the position and passed away in 1996 as Executive Director Emeritus, with 30 years sober. He was well known for his generosity and passion for helping those seeking recovery. He was recognized nationally for his work here in Corpus Christi, but his primary reward was watching people attain and retain sobriety.

Bob Beck

Bob Beck worked in the refineries and spent over 40 years of his life dedicated to the mission of Charlie’s Place. He remained on the board until the month before he passed away in 2008 with over 43 years sober. He and his wife helped countless people as they quit drinking. In the very early years, Mrs. Beck used her nursing abilities to help those who were “detoxing” do so as comfortably as possible.

Hank Stence

Hank Stence was a retired Commander US Navy and then returned to the base in a civilian role until his full retirement. He was a decorated Navy pilot, but what truly mattered to him was helping the next person find a better way to live. He loved to fish and in the early days caught fish daily to provide dinner to the men staying in the first halfway house. He passed away in 2001 with over 38 years of sobriety.

Ben Cannon

Ben Cannon was a community leader who “never had a drink in his life” and served this community for over 100 years! Mr. Cannon remained an active member of the board of Charlie’s Place until after his 100th birthday and passed away in 2003 at just over 101 years old. While he never experienced addiction personally, he had a heart and a passion to ensure that those who did were provided assistance.

I have put what I learned at Charlie's Place into my life. I have been through some trials but managed to get through by using the tools and suggestions given to me by my counselors, and recovery coaches. Charlie's Place saved my life.


At Charlie's Place you have people who truly want to see you thrive and succeed, and I could never thank them enough for all they have done for me. I am forever grateful to the Charlie's Place Family that have been part of my recovery. Thank you for my recovery!


I owe Charlie's Place my life! Previous to treatment, my life was completely unmanageable. Through the support and love of the Charlie's Place staff, I learned the tools necessary to live without the need of substances. Charlie’s Place gave me hope in my hopeless world. I began to believe life was worth living again. Thank you for giving my life back!


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