Charlie’s Place Recovery Center strives to serve people who don’t have the resources to access treatment elsewhere. Your generous gifts help us treat more patients daily.

Charlie’s Place spends 84¢ of every $1 on patient care.

You can choose to make a donation to help with everyday items or sponsor treatment.


Product Description

Cost of Care
$10 3 Healing Meals & Snacks
$25 1 Set of Sanitary Clothing for a Patient Undergoing Detox
$50 2 Sets of Life Saving Curriculum Leading to Recovery
$100 1 Day of Inpatient Treatment
$250 1 Day of Residential Detox Treatment
$500 12 Family Counseling Sessions
$700 1 Week of Inpatient Treatment
$1,750 1 Week of Residential Detox Treatment
$2,800 1 Month of Inpatient Treatment