Recovery Support Services

Long-term Support
Recovery Support Service provides participants with long-term accountability, advocacy, and encouragement. The Peer Support Specialists on staff work with individuals who suffer from chronic relapse.

The state of Texas has implemented Recovery Support Services to help individuals re-learning to navigate life, and deal with issues that may have been exacerbated by addiction, i.e. mental and physical health, legal issues, financial issues, employment, relationships, etc. Peer Support Specialists act as mentors, resource brokers, advocates, and the many roles in between to support a person’s individualized path to recovery.

Services include additional exposure to recovery lessons featured in Intensive Residential Treatment, with guided transition into the community.

Schedule: Varies – Up to 6 hours per week
Offering individualized services which include Recovery Support Education, Life Skills, (while in treatment), and transition and follow up support (upon completion). In addition, Recovery Support Group is accessible to all individuals who struggle with substance use issues.

I have put what I learned at Charlie's Place into my life. I have been through some trials but managed to get through by using the tools and suggestions given to me by my counselors, and recovery coaches. Charlie's Place saved my life.


At Charlie's Place you have people who truly want to see you thrive and succeed, and I could never thank them enough for all they have done for me. I am forever grateful to the Charlie's Place Family that have been part of my recovery. Thank you for my recovery!


I owe Charlie's Place my life! Previous to treatment, my life was completely unmanageable. Through the support and love of the Charlie's Place staff, I learned the tools necessary to live without the need of substances. Charlie’s Place gave me hope in my hopeless world. I began to believe life was worth living again. Thank you for giving my life back!


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